FreeCiv - Offline play

   If you want get up every morning, but never successed, because you are play-and-play FreeCiv every night and dawn... So, you have come to the right place... :)
   This is offline FreeCiv server, so real strategy game, one turn is six hours, you can connect to the server at any time, you can briefing your units, and you can say Good-Bye as far as the next connect. Other people can't join in your name in the FreeCiv, because your login is password protected.
   You can join with your 1.12.0 FreeCiv client program, like another time, but your username instead of username:password, whereabouts username is your username and password is your password. The chances are that the GAME started at UTC 04:00, when number of players greater than ten.   If you want to join, please send email to me (, which contain your choices (nation, name, gender, city style). Or you connect to the server, and you wait for start. I will send email to You, when the game started. :)

Thanks for your patiente (for my terrible English sentences :)!

Frank O'Yanco